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  • Core M Cart with Intelligent Charging

    Core M Cart with Intelligent Charging

    The Core M Cart with Intelligent Charging continuously analyzes power requirements and concentrates on devices that need power the most. All steel construction that stores up to 36 devices.

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  • CUBE Micro Wall Cabinet

    CUBE Micro Wall Cabinet

    The CUBE Micro Wall Cabinet features a slim design with tilted device placement for low profile positioning & security with a 3-point locking system. Daisy-chain 2 cabinets to charge up to 24 devices.

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  • Core 30 VR Cart

    Core 30 VR Cart

    The VR Cart is optimized to store and charge virtual reality viewers, student devices, teacher tablet, router, cabling and more. The trays are easily removable, making viewer distribution a breeze.

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  • TechGuard Connect Lockers

    TechGuard Connect Lockers

    Build your own solution with modular options of AC charging, USB-A charging, Ethernet ports and cable retention, giving you the ability to upgrade as your business grows.

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  • CUBE Cart

    CUBE Cart

    Charge up to 36 mobile devices. Store adapters in a removable locked panel and secure devices in the unit with the programmable combination padlock. Available in 16 standard colors.

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  • Pre-Wired CUBE Cart

    Pre-Wired CUBE Cart

    Pre-installed with USB-C power adapters, the pre-wired CUBE charging cart saves IT admins up to an hour of setup time per cart. Features a digital cycle timer, ensuring a safe charge.

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  • CUBE Cart Mini

    CUBE Cart Mini

    Store and charge up to 20 mobile devices. Notched hooks make it easy to organize cables. Available in 16 standard colors or personalize the cart with your own custom colors.

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  • CUBE Toploader

    CUBE Toploader

    Charge, secure and manage up to 40 mobile devices. Features gas struts for safe open and close and 5 inch wheels with locking casters.

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  • CUBE Toploader Mini

    CUBE Toploader Mini

    Charge up to 26 mobile devices in a compact footprint. Programmable combination padlock secures devices in the unit while slot dividers keep devices upright and protected.

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  • CUBE Micro Tray

    CUBE Micro Tray

    Charge up to 10 mobile devices with the ability to daisy-chain up to two trays, increasing charge capacity from one power outlet.

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  • CUBE Micro Station

    CUBE Micro Station

    Store and charge up to 10 mobile devices with the ability to daisy-chain and stack units for additional charge capacity from one power outlet. Options for desktop placement or wall mount.

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  • Link Cart

    Link Cart

    The Link Charging Cart is equipped with Ethernet cables and dedicated space for a user-supplied 19-inch rackmount switch for simultaneous updates and a temperature sensor with automated cooling fans.

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  • Pulse Cart

    Pulse Cart

    The Pulse Cart is designed for laptops and tablets. It features a sophisticated charging system that continuously analyzes power requirements and concentrates on devices that need power the most.

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  • Core M Cart

    Core M Cart

    Secure and charge up to 36 mobile devices with a 3-point locking door & padlock and digital cycle timer that rotates charging between shelves.

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  • EVER Cart

    EVER Cart

    Charge, store and manage up to 45 mobile devices. Each MiX Module provides the ability to upgrade easily as needs change. Features 3-point locking door and padlock and industrial grade casters.

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  • Core X Cart

    Core X Cart

    Charge mobile devices quickly & safely through a digital cycle timer that rotates charge to each shelf. Features notched hooks for cable management and numbered slots for easy device assignment.

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  • PowerSync MiX Cart

    PowerSync MiX Cart

    The PowerSync MiX Cart works with Apple Configurator and is MFi certified. Provides 2.4A charging, even while syncing. Features pre-installed Lightning cables, adjustable device slots & MiX modules.

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  • PowerRack


    Optimized for Apple, the PowerRack provides up to 2.1 amp charging power for 10 devices simultaneously. Wire guides and side panel access make it easy to position and store cables neatly.

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  • PureCharge Station

    PureCharge Station

    The PureCharge Station charges, manages and secures iPads and iPad minis. It's ready to use right out of the box with pre-installed Lightning cables and features individual charge status LEDs.

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  • Mobility MiX Cart

    Mobility MiX Cart

    The Mobility MiX Cart is optimized for MacBooks and iPads. Features adjustable device slots to accommodate devices with cases up to 1.5" and pre-numbered slot bars for easy device management.

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