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Amber McCormick
Amber McCormick @EdTechAmber
Day one of @MSFTEducacion @MicrosoftTeams training! Excited to get my school on board this year! #RT4T #MIEExpertโ€ฆ
1:18 PM - 15 Jun 20
Bretford Bretford @Bretford

@EdTechAmber @MSFTEducacion @MicrosoftTeams @CWThacker3 @Fernandezc4 @jessxbo @mtholfsen @surface @BunceeBryan @Buncee @JenWilliamsEdu @Michelle4EDU @nearpod Quite the artist! Let us know if your school needs any Juice Mobile Power... or charging carts or anything to help student devices operate 100% fully charged. We want every classroom to be powered and ready to be productive this fall. 🙌

9:52 PM - 18 Jun 20
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Educators know students do not always start their school day with a fully-charged device. Finding the perfe...

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@DDIntegratedSol ๐Ÿ™Œ Great solution to keep staff & students powered at 100% all day, everyday!