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©2019 Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. All rights reserved. Frequently Asked Questions for TechGuard ® Connect Charging Lockers and Bretford Connect ® My locker is not showing up in Bretford Connect. Each TechGuard Connect locker must first be activated to link it to your organization. Go to: Adding new lockers in Bretford Connect My locker gateway is plugged into the network, but Bretford Connect shows it is offline. If you are connecting a TechGuard Connect locker for the first time, please take a moment to review your firewall settings and network requirements for TechGuard Connect. Go to: Configuring Your Network For a locker to show up as online within Bretford Connect, your locker must have external Internet access and establish a valid connection with: • an NTP time server (defaults to • the Bretford Connect IoT service The three LEDs on the front of the TechGuard Connect gateway (mounted in the lower cabinet) provide at-a-glance status for both network and IoT connectivity: TechGuard Connect Gateway LED Status Indicators LED Status LED 1 – System Heartbeat Green LED 2 – Network Green LED Status – IoT Service Blue Off No Power No IP address Not Connected Blinking System Running Requesting DCHP address Attempting to Connect Solid - Acquired DCHP address Connected

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