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4 | Set up your admin users and locker users Admin users are responsible for management of the Bretford Connect system. They oversee the lockers, manage all locker users and are able to login to the Bretford Connect portal. To set up your admin users, go to: Locker users have access to individual bays on any given locker within the system. They do not have access to the Bretford Connect portal. To set up your locker users, go to: 5 | Activate and configure your lockers When you click on "Lockers," you will be able to activate new lockers ("Add Locker"), assign locker users to individual locker bays, open bays remotely, check on the status of any locker stack and, when necessary, completely disable all access to a locker bay. Each locker within your organization will appear in "My Lockers," giving you a high-level overview of each locker stack. You can see if individual lockers are online and in-sync, as well as their current operating mode. To learn more about adding lockers to your organization, configuring operating modes and configuring authentication modes, go to: 6 | Add your assets (for CICO mode) If your lockers are configured in Check-in / Check-out (CICO) mode, the last step is to set up your assets. Assets can range from mobile devices that are charged in the locker bays, to other, non- charging items that are used by the organization. Click on "Assets" to add new assets to your organization ("Add" button), view the status and location of each asset and edit assets. Click on "Lockers," and then "My Lockers," to assign assets to specific locker bays in CICO mode. ©2019 Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. All rights reserved. Setting Up Bretford Connect ® 6 Easy Steps C O N T I N U E D

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