TechGuard Connect has the Grizzilies storing and charging in style. 😎 #chargemanagesecure #charginglockers #bretford #edtech #teched //// Repost: New @bretfordsolutions charging station in the M.A.C. enables students to charge school devices and mobile phones when needed. 🐻♥️🔌 #allinforGlenn #paintleanderorange #grizzliesunited #Glennhasarrived #leanderisdlib #charging Reposted from @glennthegrizzly

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23,000 Chromebooks Safely Charged & Secured
23,000 Chromebooks Safely Charged & Secured

642 optimized charging carts in Pacific Blue and Tangerine are in place to safely charge and secure this sc...

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We may be a little biased: those are some awesome looking charging carts! 😉 repost: @decluetech Driving aro...


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